Wednesday, January 7, 2009

feeling special...

The other night, I had a little case of insomnia and ended up watching some episodes of John and Kate Plus 8. How she keeps track of 8 kids just amazes me..but anyways. There were a few episodes where they had "special days" with each child basically spend time alone with them and to let them feel extra special for a day. They let the kids decide what they wanted to wanted to go to Stausburg Railroad..another to a reptile farm..etc. It really made each kid feel great and John and Kate learned a lot about each child.
I was telling my husband about that the next day and we got to talking about how we thought Carson and James felt about eachother. I'm sure that they love eachother..and love always having a playmate..but they have to think "Will this kid ever go away for one minute! I mean, I go to bed -- he's there...wake up -- he's there...have lunch -- he's -- he's there...bath time -- he's there!" If that were me..I know I'd probably be a little annoyed and want some alone.
I know that they are still young, but I really want to try to make more one-on-one time with each of them. That's probably one..of my many..resolutions this year.

I'll have new pictures for you guys in a couple of day..i promise!!

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