Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring!! finally feels like spring here in NJ! It's been a long wait. I usually like winter, but now with the boys here, it's great to finally be able to take them out more and do stuff! I can not believe that they will be 10 months's crazy!! I guess I should probably start thinking of what I'm going to do for their birthday parties!! Ahh I'm going to have 1 year olds soon!!

The boys are doing amazing..nothing really new. They love to stand up and have both stood up on their own for a few seconds, before plopping down on their butts.

And they are finally sleeping better during the night..not entirely through the night, though. They'll get up maybe once..Carson's usually up twice, but they are so much better than what they were a month ago..

Gotta go! James is up from his nap! I'll post some more pics when I get a chance!

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