Tuesday, April 8, 2008

it's been a while..

So, I know..it's been a while since my last post. It's a little busy having twins you know..and some of you even have triplets! Ahh! I can't imagine! The other day, I was at my sister-in-law's house, who had her baby girl the same day that my boys were born. All three of them were playing together and I jokingly said "I can't imagine having triplets." She laughed and said "I can't imagine having twins!!" As much as I can't imagine having triplets..it's even harder to imagine my life with just one.

We've been up to a lot since the last time. I had 2 big "mommy no-no's".

First off, James found something that he loves to play with and now can not leave it alone..are you ready for this?? He loves our toilet!! Ahh!
One day last week, I was changing Carson's diaper in their room, James started to crawl away..which is fine, he usually does. But then, I heard some splashing and laughing going on. I go to get him and he has himself standing up, with both hands in the toilet. Gross..I know! Luckily, I cleaned it pretty good the day before, but you better believe I had him completely sanitized within minutes! Now, it seems like whenever he has a minute to dart off in his own direction, he heads straight to the bathroom!

Another "uh-oh"..I was folding laudry in the living room one day last week and I went into our bedroom to put some away..and yes, it was James again..crying. I go out to get him and this is what I see..

The funny thing is that James is usually the "tougher" guy..Meaning he's the one to always push Carson down..and in this picture, Carson looks as though he's saying "Haha, I got you good..real good!"

We also got some professional photo's done with an amazing photographer. Her website is http://www.stacycortese.com/

I won a giveaway of a free session, so that's great in itself. The boys were so good for her. They basically posed however we put them long enough for her to snap a few good shots. I was sooo happy. At their newborn session, grant it, we probably got them done too late. They weren't in that "sleepy stage" anymore. And they mostly cryed for all the shots except for maybe 4 or 5. Here's a sneak peek picture from our session on Saturday. I love how James has his hand on Carson's shoulder..that was not even planned.

And here's the only good family shot that we have from their 6 week session..and I still think we had to swap one of their heads from another picture to make it work..Man, it's amazing how much they have changed!

Gotta go! Someone has a major poopy diaper!!


Harris Boys said...

hey christa! I really can't wait to see how the rest of the pics turned out...I'm sure they are all wonderful :) I always have a hard time deciding which ones to buy and then I end up buying them all...lol.

Ashhog said...

I LOVE that pic with James hand on Carson's shoulder-so cute!